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December 3rd Meeting Report

The December meeting of the BILLERICA AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY took place at the home of Club President K1TWF ON 3 December 2014 and commenced at 19:00. There were about 19 members present. The meeting was conducted by Club VP Tom Walsh K1TW. Updated Business The BARS Holiday Dinner will take place on Wednesday 7 Jan […]

Regular Meeting – November 2014

Regular Meeting Notes: November 5, 2014 Meeting Convened by K1TWF, K1TW at 7:05PM Attendees: 17 Agenda: Elections Regular Business Presentation by Bill Barber (NE1B) on DMR Elections: Elections where held tonight. A motion to accept the was made, approved and seconded. No other candidates were presented and the slate as written below was approved unanimously. […]

Regular Meeting – September 2014

Regular Meeting Notes: September 2, 2014 Meeting Convened by K1TWF at 7:05PM Attendees: 19 This was our first meeting of the season. Mike kicked off the meeting with introductions and everyone commented on what they did over the summer. There were too many comments to include here but some highlights include: Attending the Centennial ARRL […]

Regular Meeting – June 2014

Regular Meeting Notes: June 4, 2014 Meeting Convened by K1TWF at 7:00PM Attendees: 11 After some reminiscing about several topics including the history of MIT’s Radiation Laboratory where Radar was developed in the US and some observations about a “mechanical scanning radar,” we got down to business. Secretary’s Report: Approved Treasurer’s Report: Bruce W1LUS mentioned […]

Regular Meeting – May 2014

Meeting Convened by K1TWF at 7:00PM Attendees: 15.5 Intro: “What was your best Field Day experiences?” A sampling of the memories include: Operating 5A on the top of Nashoba Mountain. Clearing an area and getting poison ivy to show for it! Beer with Kielbasi from the grill. Operating on an island in the middle of a lake; […]

Regular Meeting – March 2014

On March 5, 2014 BARS held its March meeting at the Billerica Public Library. Attendees: 18 Primary Agenda Item: Annual Election At 7:10 K0TV brought the meeting to order. A period of time was devoted to sharing memories of Mike Bernock, N1IW: our close friend, past president, fellow ham, sage, mentor and overall great guy. […]

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